Saturday, November 20, 2010

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade Episode 2 Recap

Episode 1 Recap HERE

Another fun Saturday night! The Gods continues to bring laughter in this week's episode. They play with more disputes and rumors (Sheren Tang & Charmaine Sheh, Charlene Choi & William Chan, etc). Sorry If I spoiled anyone :) Here is the recap of Episode 2:

Intro: In the beginning of this week's episode, the Gods play with Wayne Lai again and recreates the supermarket scene (Wayne was said attracted lots of attention when he shopped at supermarket earlier). Johnson Lee is Wayne, Wong Cho Lam is the son, and Louis Yuen is Wayne's wife.

My MV: This week Wong Cho Lam and Louis sing two classic songs---A-Mei's "Listen to the Sea" and Candy Lo's "Garbage."A-Mei's love song turns into a mom's song and Candy's song is now about plastic surgeries.

Series: Remember the scene where Professor King (Raymond Lam) apologizes and breaks up with Tsui Siu Lai (Tavia Yeung) in "Mysteries of Love"? Johnson is playing with this scene in this episode! How you like Johnson's Professor King look?

My MV: Johnson again! Now he's playing with William Chan & Charlene Choi's relationship in this funny version of "Taxi." He even mixes in Angelababy in the lyrics, how clever!

Series: Then Louis in anniversary series "Can't Buy Me Love"---he plays Susanna Kwan's character and refuses to let other people to use their family's toilet.

Entertainment News Report: They report the TV Queen competition between Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh. Wong Cho Lam as 9 Mui and Johnson is Charmaine's character in upcoming series "Colorful World of Sister Fa" (tentative name).

Series: Lastly, Wong Cho Lam plays with "No Regrets" again! Not "Pork Rib Boy" this time but Sheren Tang's 9 mui! He (or she...) wants Wayne Lai's character to die because he shoots too many commercial and always win on the mahjong table.


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