Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 47th Golden Horse Awards Winners

Best Actor: Ethan Ruan - "Monga"

Best Actress: Li Liping - “City Monkey"

Best Director Award: Ching Mong-hong - "The Fourth Portrait”

The Best New Director: Ho Wi-ding - “Pinoy Sunday.”

The Best Supporting Actor: Wu Peng-fon - “Seven Days in Heaven”

Best Supporting Actress: Hao Lei - “The Fourth Portrait.”

Best New Performer: Gina Li - "Juliet"

Best Feature Film: “When Love Comes”

Best Short Film: "Magabahai"

Best Documentary: "Hip-hop Storm"

Best Original Screenplay: "Judge"

Best Screenplay Adaption: "Seven Days in Heaven"

Best Cinematography: "When Love Comes"

Best Visual Effects: "Detective Dee"

Best Art Direction: "When Love Comes"

Best Makeup & Costume Design: "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best Action Choreography: Sammo Hung - “Ip Man 2"

Best Original Film Score: "Spring Fever"

Best Original Film Song: "Taipei Exchanges"

Best Film Editing: "Spring Fever"

Best Sound Effect: Tu Du-Chih - "Monga"

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Lee Lieh

Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year: "The Fourth Portrait"

Life Achievement Award: Hsu Li-gong

Special Contribution Award: Sun Yue

Best Actress & Actor Winners


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