Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fashion Police: The 47th Golden Horse Awards

Dresses time! This post only has photos of female stars on the 47th Golden Horse Awards red carpet since males always wear the "boring" suits. Any favs you have here?

Hosts of this year's Golden Horse Awards Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and Kevin Cai Kangyong was the first pair to walk on the red carpet. Xiao S was very elegant in her white long gown, while her partner put a bird's cage on his head---definitely attention grabbing!

Although she didn't get nominated in this year's Awards Ceremony, Taiwan's top model Chilin Lin still dressed well to attend to this big event! Sexy and classy at the same time

Also in black, our "Autumn's Concerto" star Ady An showed up in a short dress, showing off her long lean legs.

While there were some good black dress-wearers, the following two stars' dresses...Elva Hsiao's looks more like an art project, while Janine Chang's polka dot dress is seen as too casual (some even said it looks like something a grandma would wear)

Now let's take a look at the whites. Star of Mainland film "Aftershock" Xu Fan was very pretty in this long gown, classy goddess.

But these two...Vivian Hsu and Tiffany Hsu didn't receive that much praises. While some said Vivian's doesn't look like a dress, some pointed out Tiffany seemed to have just put on a bathrobe on her.

The purple team! Kara Hui & Li Kangyi.

Zhang Jinchu, star of "Aftershock" shocked us with this floral strapless dress. It's pretty cute

Do you agree models have a better taste? Look at the following trio, so cute! Maybe I just like ruffles...

Lastly the blues! Obviously I'll pick the right (Li Bin Bin) for Best Dress...Lin Ruo Ya's blue dress looks like it's from several decades ago.


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