Saturday, November 27, 2010

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade Episode 3 Recap

Episode 1 Recap || Episode 2 Recap

Hey everyone~Did you burst out laughing today? Haha!

Series: Make fun of Raymond Wo Ho-Yin! LOL, teasing him it takes long to get to play leading roles. Louis Yuen as Taxi Gor, pretty nice duo!

My MV: Louis is as Lam Sze Cheung I believe, I forgot the song he sings, it's a popular song. He talks about how w/o toilet paper is miserable.

C Sir case: Louis again, he plays Raymond Lam's...booger XD

Entertainment Report: They make fun with the popular animated "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," and now it's about how 3 students go to school using the best route XD Pig Phone 4 (mocking iPhone 4! LOL)

Series: LOL! They play with Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li's romantic relationship, the funny thing is that Cho Lam is willing to be part of this! Cho Lam plays Kevin Cheng's part in "Burning Flames III." Even the kiss part!! And Cho Lam finally stands "taller" than Leanne!

My MV: Cho Lam as Raymond Lam, singing his "愛在記憶中找你" XD I like Johnson's version better

Series: Then OL Supreme! Johnson as Denise Ho's character (Music) at the wedding photo shoot part.

My MV: Johnson sings about how "eye phone" (iPhone) is ripping everyone because they release new ones everyone, they can't keep changing iPhone! haha

"Big Girls Club": Only Handlababy and Ah Jeh are doing the interview, they interviewed Johnson, Louis, Fei Fan Gor Evergreen Mak, and Pai Gwat Jai Pierre Ngo. The 4 "Best Supporting Actor" nominees both give their acceptance speeches, and also show how they would react if others other than them win the award.


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