Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wayne Lai is very confident; will wear his winner suit again

Hot favorite for TV King, Wayne Lai attended to a event yesterday. As for whether he will win the award, he said let it be, but he really do hope "Rosy Business" will win "Best Drama". Said partner Sheren Tang appeared to the TVB Anniversary press conference with a deep-v dress, Wayne said, "Yeah, I am not used to see 'Sei Nai Nai (4th wife)' this sexy. She told me to dress nicer. I'm the experienced type and I purposely made myself look nicer to accompany with her. She is the idol type." (What will you wear to attend to the Anniversary Awards?) "Maybe I will wear the same suit I wore last year, because I won 'Best Supporting Actor'." In addition, as for more than 10 thousand people support "Chai Gau" to win TV King on Facebook, Wayne happily thanked everyone who supports him.

Wayne also disclosed that "Rosy Business 2" will start filming next March. He will try hard to lose 10lbs for it. "Tell Sheren to be careful. I might be thinner than her by then." (Tell Sheren to lose which area?) "Must keep up the chest. My head and hers are big, so will have to lose the face first." The other TV King nominee Kevin Cheng went to Malaysia to promote, and he said he's confident in Wayne Lai. Asked whether he will win TV King along with rumored girlfriend Charmine Sheh winning TV Queen, he said, "Aiya! Why didn't you listen to what I said? I already said I support Wayne to win TV King."

[Oriental Daily, K]


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