Wednesday, May 19, 2010

25 Thousand Netizens Request Ah Jeh To Stop Singing

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

TVB's "Fun With Liza and Gods" received many applause. The show attracted 150 million viewers to watch every week. But some viewers criticized at Liza Wong (Ah Jeh)'s singing segment, pointing out her singing is terrible and it's out of tune. Netizens created a Facebook page "Strongly Request Fun With Liza and Gods' Ah Jeh Don't Sing Again" (強烈要求荃加福祿壽阿姐唔好再唱歌). More than 280,000 people have joined. They criticized she cannot handle challenging songs, out of tune and breath, plus she sings with a Cantonese opera style, they feel it's terrible to hear. The group hopes to use public pressure to pressure TVB.

Besides voice of opposing, Ah Jeh has been in the showbiz for more than 40 years and already have many supporters. They support Ah Jeh saying many viewers want to see Ah Jeh perform. They praise Ah Jeh is a serious artiste that she spent lots of time in her look and outfit every episode. In addition, her performance improved lately and they hope viewers don't be too picky.

Producer Ho Siu Wai thanked viewers' straight-forward opinions and knew everyone cares about the show. But the show has to cover different groups. This time is just some opinions from viewers and 150 million people watch the show. Sometimes when they look at reactions from audience in the filming studio, the audience like Ah Jeh's performance. Ah Jeh also put effort in designing her looks and she put time in the singing segment.

Clip 1: Faye Wong's "給自己的情書" @ Episode 6 (really cannot stand it anymore when she reached chorus....)

Clip 2: Miriam Yeung's "Girl's Prayer" @ Episode 8

Clip 3: Jacky Cheung & Tong Poyu's classic duet "相思風雨中" @ Episode 7


Is there any clips online of her singing? :)

here's one: singing Miriam Yeung's "Girl's Prayer"

Wang Ming Quan, I think casue she tends to push her voice high and she doesn't have a modern voice, thats why...But other then that I think she i quite okay lahs given that she doesn't starts off with a singer, cut her the slack...

^right, pushed too high and it just sounded hoarse and choppy, she's better off with medium ranges.

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