Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah Sa Asks Reporters To Introduce New Lovers

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended to a Yahoo brand awards ceremony yesterday. She disclosed she traveled to Dubai after filming new movie "The Emerald and the Pearl" in Beijing. It is rumored she went to Dubai with a new lover, Ah Sa stressed: "I went with several friends and colleagues. New lover? You introduce to me! Any good recommendation?" Ah Sa expressed she swam and sunbathed everyday in Dubai. She also went to Musee Guimet and praised it is a worthy place to go.

Ah Sa said: "Wanted to stay there several days more, but manager did not allow me to do so." Not afraid being photographed wearing bikini? She said helplessly: "Whatever, Confident in my body? No, but if they want to publish those photos, I can't control that." Talked about a hot kissing scene with Raymond Lam in "The Emerald and the Pearl," asked does she feels Raymond is kissable? She said embarrassingly: "Pretty good."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment


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