Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maggie Cheung Refuses To Be An Unmarried Mother

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Maggie Cheung attended to a contract signing ceremony of a French skincare brand and officially became their spokesperson. Asked would she share skincare tips with boyfriend? She said: "I would give him some comments, but everyone's routines are different." She expressed because of her little nephew, she fell in love with photography, she said: "Seeing little kids' butt bounces when they walk is pretty cute." Did she ask boyfriend to be her model? She joked: "I like kids more, adults are more sensitive than kids, whether facing girlfriends or reporters' camera, they would try to avoid." Boyfriend isn't as attractive as little kids' butt? She laughed embarrassingly and didn't know how to reply.

Maggie said when she sees how cute little kids are, she would ask herself how come she just focused in her career and didn't give birth 10 years earlier. Now she has a different view and plans to have children, but she doesn't want to give birth at a late age. She has been exercising and keeping her body well with Chinese medicines. Whether plans to get married? She said: "You want a future when you date, but have to look at a right timing, I let God arrange everything." Considers giving birth before marriage? She said immediately: "Can't do that, I'm a very traditional woman."


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