Monday, July 26, 2010

Carina Lau and Mainland Billionaire Are Secret Meeting?


Carina Lau and Tony Leung have been married for two years, after marriage the couple continued to be busy with their own jobs and often photographed by the media working separately at different events. For the last few years, the couple lived a life where both are busy with their own lives, but it was peaceful. However yesterday rumors broke out with an intimate photo of Carina and a Mainland billionaire arms on waist. Tony saw the photo and expressed that he does not know the man.

Carina has always been the Rumor Queen, for many years she has been rumored with several wealthy Hong Kong businessmen having a secret relationship, but she has not been affected by the rumors, continuing her many jobs in Mainland and other in areas. She continues to have good relationships with these wealthy businessmen.

Yesterday a tabloid magazine published an intimate photo of Carina with a Mainland billionaire's arm on her waist. In the photo, Carina was touching the billionaire's hand and had her face against his head, they were sitting closely together. The billionaire's arm was also wrapped around Carina's waist. From the photo, it looks like they are very familiar friends.

The magazine report said that the photo was taken mid-October last year. That day Carina was in Qingdao for the opening ceremony to one of the billionaire's Shanghai Carnival investments. She met the billionaire at that event and after the event ended, she accompanied him on their leisure time around the local area. That night, the two got familiar with each other and then had that intimate photo. Looks like Carina and Mainlanders have a lot of fate. June 2010, the magazines photographed Carina's secret meeting with the billionaire in Beijing, the two went out for dinner two nights in a row.

As Tony's wife, Carina remained in Hong Kong in the recent month. She did celebrate her birthday with him, but on their 2nd wedding anniversary, the couple spent it alone. Carina was not in Hong Kong to celebrate the anniversary. On the day of their anniversary, the media asked where Carina went and Tony expressed that he was not sure. If his wife was in Mainland, Tony only guessed that it was possible.

When reporters showed the photo of Carina and the billionaire, Tony refused to respond and had a sunk look. Then he broke the silence telling the media that he does not know him. Last night, Tony responded through his manager: "This is just normal social interaction, believe in Mrs. Lau."

According to sources, the billionaire is close to 39 years old and is named Jing Yuan. He has served in many different positions in Mainland. He started off his business in computers and recently developed his business in Mainland real estate. He operates several apartments in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and many other cities in Mainland. His estimated assets are 16 billion yuan.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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