Monday, July 26, 2010

Zhong Wu Yen Debuts With Mediocre Ratings

Cheryl Yang returned to TV for the first time since My Queen with her new drama this past Sunday.Zhong Wu Yen kept SETTV in first place as expected, but its average rating of 2.7% was the lowest debut for the network since Fated to Love You, which started off with a modest 2.56% but went on to be a huge hit. Some viewers commented that Zhong Wu Yen was not as entertaining as the 2001 movie, while others said it would have been better if Cheryl Yang was paired up with her My Queen costar Ethan Ruan instead. 

A slow start for Zhong Wu Yen meant a closer race for the rest of the dramas that followed behind.Summer’s Desire drew the best ratings of its run so far with an average of 1.94%. The drama was highlighted by Barbie Hsu’s plead to Peter Ho to save her dying brother, because in the world of melodramas, he happens to be the only person with a kidney of a matching blood type… Rounding out the list are Calling For Love and Scent of Love with average ratings of 0.72% and 0.60% respectively.

The big news was yet again Rookies’ Diary on Friday night. Episode 4 of the FTV drama surpassed Fated to Love You to make history with an average rating of 11.74%, and a highest rated segment of 13.88%. Meanwhile, Guess Guess Guess got a fresh start on Saturday night with new hosts Harlem Yuand Selina. The show drew 1.55%, trailing behind Zhu Ge’s Return at 3.84% and Super Idol season 5 at 1.76%.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN / Translated by: PA @ CpopAccess


thanls alot for that news..I hope next episode rating more..more and more increase

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