Monday, July 26, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Brings Quintus to High Tea, Deborah Lee Bottle-feeds Grandson

It's always rumored that Cecilia Cheung and Deborah Lee don't get along well, but the two ignored all rumors and their relationship remains friendly. Yesterday, they went to high tea in Central. Besides elder son Lucas, 2-months-old Quintus also appeared. Making his public appearance the first time, Quintus is chubby and cute. He still resembles his dad Nicholas Tse and grandpa Patrick Tse. During yum cha, Deborah and Cecilia cooperated together to take care of the kids. Cecilia was responsible of taking care of Lucas; Deborah was bottle-feeding Quintus.

Weighs 16lbs and would sleep after eating

The family met Ray Lui and his wife Yeung Siu Kwuen. The couple went for a chat with Cecilia and Cecilia was talking alot with Yeung, seemed like they were talking about children. The two even exchanged cell phone numbers. Then Lui and Yeung left.

After Cecilia and Deborah finished high tea, they left the restaurant. Cecilia was asked about the latest of Quintus. She said: "He behaves very well. He currently weighs 16lbs. He would sleep after eating. He rarely cries at night." Deborah praised Cecilia about losing weight: "Cecilia got a lot thinner." Then Quintus left with a maid and their driver. Cecilia, Deborah, and Deborah's husband "Mustache Kong" brought Lucas to continue shopping.

Grandma buying clothes for grandson

When Cecilia and Deborah were walked to Prince's Building, they were talking happily, using action to break rumors. When they arrived, Deborah and "Mustache Kong" went to a kids' clothing store to buy clothes for Quintus. Deborah was searching pretty baby clothes for Quintus. Cecilia brought Lucas to toy shops. After shopping for a while, Cecilia wanted to bring Lucas to grandma, but Lucas was being whiny when he arrived at the clothing store, so Cecilia brought Lucas to play. Then they left when Deborah finished buying clothes.When Cecilia and Deborah brought Lucas to the car, Deborah wanted to shop in another store, but because Lucas didn't want to, so she followed grandson's wish and left together.

Every time when Cecilia and kids went out, they would be followed by media. Asked whether she mind? She said: "I'm in this industry for some days, I understand the need of media's job. And I won't really mind what everyone writes about. But as long as they stay far away, don't affect and hurt my children, then it's acceptable."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @


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