Monday, July 26, 2010

Eddie Peng Invites to Dance, Xiao S Continues to Touch

Eddie Peng and Amber Kuo attended the filming of "Kangxi Lai Le." Kevin Cai Kang Yong said Eddie is one of the rare handsome guys who didn't get touched by Xiao S in the show. Xiao S said because he is just like a big boy. But when Eddie invited Xiao S to dance, she couldn't hold her temptation and immediately threw herself on him to hot dance.

Promoting for movie "Close to You" (近在咫尺), Xiao S kept questioning Eddie and Jolin Tsai's "Weibo rumor." He answered cautiously that the two are friends who would concern and text each other.

Xiao S asked: "Would you feel Jolin Tsai's outfit from her new album resembles "buzz lightyear"*? He said: "I haven't watch 'Toy Story 3.'" Eddie plays a boxer in the movie and has a muscular body. Xiao S was suspicious that his muscles were drawn on. He then held Amber and said it was as easy as holding a little animal. Amber said: "In the movie, his muscle is real."

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @

*Remember the Jolin Tsai Resembles Buzz Lightyear earlier? Xiao S surely followed that news! It has been 13 days now and out of 68 votes, 35 say YES! 19 say NO! 15 JUST A LITTLE! [Just for fun XD]


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